CODE: A001087

PROJECT : Food & Nutrition Assistance

BENEFICIARY NAME : Saaripilli Lakshmi

VOLUNTEER NAME : Balabadram Satyanarayana

LOCATION : Yethaveedhi, Dharmavaram(V), Etcherla (M), Srikakulam

SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Food & Nutrition Support To Needy Persons

Saaripilli Lakshmi Age 66Yrs., Is Living In Yethaveedhi, Dharmavaram(V), Etcherla (M), Srikakulam . She Is An Orphan Homeless Woman And Has No To Take Care Even To Provide Food She Is Sick And Unable To Work. And Iddimanti Thavitamma Age 85 Yrs., Is A Resident Of Yethaveedhi, Dharmavaram(V), Etcherla (M), Srikakulam. She Has No One To Take Care And She Is In Highly Deserves Food. We LAASA provided Food support to this Needy Persons under LAASA Food & Nutrition Assistance service project. This activity is proposed by LAASA Volunteer BALABHADRAM SATYANARAYANA.

Love All And Serve All

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