CODE: A001091

PROJECT : Livelihood Assistance

BENEFICIARY NAME : Balabadruni Sridevi

VOLUNTEER NAME : Surampalli Brahmmaji

LOCATION : Champagalli Street,Srikakulam. 

SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Livelihood Support To Needy Person

Balabadruni Sridevi Age 36 Years Is A Resident Of Champagalli Street,Srikakulam .Recently She Lost Her Husband Balabadruni Srinivasa Rao As He Had Suffered Rom Brain Tumor. They Have Two Children She Is Leading A Heart Time Evan To Have Proper Food And Education To Her Children We Do Request To Provide A Shoeing Machine Under Laasa Livelihood Assistance Service Project To This Very Needy Person. we LAASA to provided Livelihood e support to Needy Person Under LAASA Livelihood Assistance service project. This activity is proposed by LAASA Volunteer SURAMPALLI BRAHMAJI.

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