CODE: A001249

PROJECT : Food & Nutrition Assistance

BENEFICIARY NAME : Aravala Lakshmi, Pitta Laxminarasamma, Karri Ammannamma & Pitta Ramulu

VOLUNTEER NAME : Gadili Mallesu

LOCATION : Poosarlapadu Village, Gara Mandal, Srikakulam 

SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Food Support To Physically Disabled And Poor Families.

1. Aravala Ramarao Who Died Recently Has A 33 Year Old Daughter Aravala Lakshmi, Who Is Deaf And Dumb. She Is Very Deserving And Living In Poosarlapadu Vil, Gara Mandal. Let Laasa Provided 100 Day Project To This Deserving Person. 

2. Pitta Lakshminarasamma, Age 70 Wife Of Late Pitta Papayya Is Living Most Down Trodden Conditions At Poosarlapadu Vil, Let Laasa Support This Old Orphan Woman And Provide Food Provisions. 

3. Karri Ammannamma Aged 60 Years A Poor Widow Needs Food. As She Is Very Old Patient She Can Not Work And No One Is There To Take Care Of Her Except Our Laasa.Please Provide Food Under Food And Nutrition Project. 

4. Sri Pitta Ramulu, Aged 77, Who Is Old And Sick , Has No One To Take Care And Leading Life Most Miserable Condition.

We LAASA Provided Food Support To These Physically Disabled & Poor Families Under LAASA Food & Nutrition Assistance Service Project. This Activity Is Proposed By LAASA Volunteer Gadili Mallesu.

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