Wisdom and Knowledge increase by GIVING


Educational Assistance
Kota Vidya Sagar
3 Deaf & Dumb orphan students who are in a great need for the payment of their fees
LAASA’s Solution
LAASA has paid their annual fees for their education
B Suma Sree, N. Rajeswari, P. Dhana Lakshmi
Saranya Orphanage, Official Colony, Srikakulam

Education must result in the development of wisdom (Viveka) and humility (Vinaya). The educated person must be able to distinguish between the momentary and the momentous, the lasting and the effervescent. As an educated person, one must not run after glitter and glamour but must seek the good and golden. Keep the body in good trim, the senses under strict control, the mind well within check, the intellect sharp and clear, unhampered by prejudices and hatreds, and the feelings untouched by egoism. One must know the Divine Self, Atma too, for that is the very core. That is the effulgence which illumines ones inner and outer selves. One must also cultivate Vinaya (humility). As an educated person, one must be grateful to his/her parents, who with great sacrifice have given all the facilities that he/she enjoy.

A LAASA Volunteer Kota Vidya Sagar has identified three deaf and dumb orphan children in Srikakulam town who need to get their annual fees paid for their education. LAASA has contributed required amounts for the annual fees of those children for their education. LAASA salutes Mr. Vidya Sagar for his wise thought “every soul is free to learn. And to be educated is ones birthright”.

Materialistic things decrease on distribution. There are very few things in this world that increase by giving – Love, Compassion, Hope, Education. These are the very four pillars of humanity. LAASA has been just giving an infinitesimal support to the world to say that humanity is still not extinct. We’ve just started and have a long journey ahead. As always, LAASA is to Serve All with infinite selfless Love.