To Discover Divinity One Should HELP..

LAASA 100 Day Food Programme
B. Venugopala Rao
A family of two who are need of Food
LAASA’s Solution
Providing food under Food & Nutrition programme
Gompa Nukayya (60), Gompa Jayamma(58)
Thonangi Village, Gara Mandal, Srikakulam Dist.

“Discard all low desires for a few acres of land, a fat account in the bank, or a few more bungalows or cars. Desire the joy that will never fade – the joy of Divine realization. One has only to know one-self in order to contact the springs of Bliss and Immortality and of kinship with all beings. Your innate Divinity is your reality; discover it, dwell in it, and desire to divulge it. Discover your holiness, your divinity, your truth. You may have doubts as to what is dharma (right conduct), which is sathya (truth), which is prema (love), and so on; but you can have no doubt about yourself, is it not? So, find out who you are and be fixed in that truth. That is enough to save you, and give you everlasting joy”.

– Sri Satya Sai

LAASA Volunteer Mr. B. Venugopala Rao has identified a poor old family of G Nukayya(60) who lost his arm in an accident and his wife G. Jayamma who’s been paralyzed in Thonangi Village of Srikakulam Dist. who are in need of food as they don’t have any other way that they can get their own. LAASA has provided food to the family under LAASA 100 day Food Programme. LAASA salutes Mr. Venugopala Rao for his thought “To Discover Divinity, One Should Help”.

The real joy is the joy of giving. Give Love, Give Compassion, Give Hope, Give Service, Give Education. Remember.., After all, we’ll only get what we reap. As always, LAASA is to Serve All with infinite selfless Love.