Every selfless deed is a flower






Basic Needs Assistance



Kongarapu Simhachalam and team



Needy Children and Servants of Behara Manovikas Kendram

LAASA’s Solution


Provided blankets to 40 children and new clothes to 10 servants



40 children and 10 servants of Behara Manovikas Kendram



Behara Manovikas Kendram, Srikakulam

Sevā (selfless service) is the adoration of the Lord as Vishwa-Virāt Swarūpa, God with multi-faced form and with immanence in the entire cosmos. The Vedas described Him as “thousand-headed, thousand-eyed, thousand-footed”. The thousands of hands and eyes and feet are all His, the Lord’s. Worship Him. That is the purpose of your sevā. And He is none other than your own Self. Do not count an individual as just an individ­ual. The individual has God within him or within her as the reality. Be aware of that.

Great sage Veda Vyāsa has declared that service to human beings is the highest form of worship (“Paropakārāya puñyāya, pāpāya parapīḍanam”). Do not offend or harm anyone. That is true adoration of God for, in truth, the other is you yourself. Awareness of this truth is moksha (liberation). Share your joy, your wealth and your knowledge with others less fortunate. That is the surest means of earning divine grace.

Realizing the happiness that lied behind this truth, our volunteer K.Simhachalam, K.Vidya Sagar, K.Trinadha Rao and K.V.Surya Prakash has come forward identifying the needs of 40 mentally challenged children and 10 servants of Behara Manovikas Kendram. LAASA provided blankets to the children and new clothes to the servants who serve the most deserving mentally challenged students of Behara Manovikas Kendram in Srikakulam.

Every selfless deed is a flower which we offer to God. The highest results can be experienced by the smallest good deeds we do.