By providing a grain






Food &Nutrition (Including 100 Day Food Programme)



Borigi SrinivasaRao



A poor rickshaw puller whose leg was injured and unable to earn atleast for bread to his family

LAASA’s Solution


Provided food under 100 day Food Programme



Korni Somulu(90) and Kondamma(86)



Anakapalle, Visakhapatnam Dist.

Your seva(selfless service) will be judged with reference to the mental attitude accompanying it. So whatever work is allotted, do it with fervour, understanding and reverence. Rendering service selflessly with a compassionate heart is alone true service.

While judging the seva(selfless service) done by a volunteer, it is not the quantity or the number of individual instances that matter. They do not count at all. Judge rather the motive that led him or her to serve, the genuineness of the love and compassion with which the sevawas saturated. You may explain that it was your duty and so you had to do it. You may say that it was a responsibility which was imposed on you. But the explanation that appeals to Swami is that you did the sevawith no taint of ego and that you derived unsurpassed aananda(bliss) as a result.

Our volunteer Mr.B.SrinivasaRao had identified Mr.K.Somulu aged 90 and Kondamma aged 86 at Ramapuram Colony, Anakapalle, Visakhapatnam Dist. This particular person is a rickshaw-puller and now he was unable to do the duty because of his sickness which is the neediest thing. We the LAASA thought and provided food to this deserving couple.

By providing a grain we can gain glory of joy, we can take out pain from a suffering life. These kind of activities are the food to the mission of LAASA.