The Sun, The Earth, The Air – all these elements serve their extent without any expectation or return. Of course The Trees too… The human life just rotates between E and R where, E refers to Expectation and R refers Reaching. The deeds which we do without expectation and satisfy ourselves with what we have reached can be treated as selfless efforts. Referring the 1st sentence, this world is highly benefited because of the non-expected efforts rendered by many noble souls.

An effort without ‘self’ism leads to the ultimate joy and gifts us the true self-satisfaction. As an exemplary action…

That was an usual sun rise – a mother got in to her daily routine activities, finished all of her work after her husband left for work and her kid to school, she started from home, stopped at an ATM – have withdrawn a sum of Rs. 5000 putting in her wallet – went to a famous school, she entered the principal’s chamber and introduced herself and described the purpose of her visit. The principal has called the girl whom this lady wants to meet.

The 15 year old little with a tender smile and lots of dreams in her eyes stood before obediently unaware of the situation what’s going on. The lady took Rs. 7200 from her wallet and given to the principal as the 1st installment for this little girl towards her 10th class. The girl is neither a relative nor a friend’s daughter. This is the first interaction between these both. Tears weld up from the eyes of that poor little girl and she instantly fell on the feet of that lady and expressed her gratitude.

Girl’s Reaction:

“Dear aunt,

I have no hope for studies as my time has cursed me. My father passed away. My mother who is a bread winner of the house works in a shop – gets some money, which just fills our bellies. I don’t know who you are but the care and the love you have shown on me is really unimaginable. Today I have got faith in God that even in this polluted world there are people who shower their Love and Compassion without any ‘Self’ barriers. Aunt, I can just express my tribute for your concern.”

The lady Smt. R. Jaya Gouri Kameswari who is a recent volunteer of our LAASA Foundation had explained how that she was inspired and supported by LAASA.

“Dear Jyothsna,

This is not the money came from any foreign agency. People of normal stature have contributed the harden earnings for a selfless service sake. We know that you are a meritorious student and your financial condition is not doing well. Do not think anything negatively. Adopt positive approach and relieve yourselves to great heights. The greatest tribute to LAASA is that, when you settle in your life just become a volunteer of LAASA and help many more needy people with your little contributions.”

Note: This is a tiny task which we have reached but this selfless service motto will set a loving path for all us to walk. We are there to Love All and Serve All…!