God – The word is defined as G- Generator, O- Organiser, D- Destroyer. The validity of these words can be experienced by each individual. We are the right witness of God’s creation. We are not sure on which basis does God provide the Human Beings the basic needs viz., food and shelter. Some believe in the philosophy of Karma and some don’t. We are unaware whether this life is pastlife’s gift or not. But many people around us are eagerly waiting for a proper meal and a comfortable sleep. Food, clothing and Shelter – forms the basic needs of the world or dream projects even to millions of people in this world in this modern era.
The silent tears dropped down to the ground may curse the Earth for their miserable poverty. The hands that stretch before this sensible world may get painful in its stretching. Of course, we cannot wipe out millions of tears but we can just have a trial to hold sorrowful warm tears into our palms and not allowing them to drop down. This is what our Volunteers Mr. V. Govinda Rao and P. Seetha Ram have done.

The beauty of personality can be flourished by cosmetics. But the inner souls’ proximity can be identified if our thoughts hold the thirst of loving and serving. With this sensible approach our Volunteers have identified three beneficiaries in and around Venkatapuram Village,, Laveru Mandal, Srikakulam Dist.

“Arasavalli Satyavathi – Age 45 – Venkatapuram Village. Staying along with a mentally challenged person. Facing difficulties to lead life very badly.

Bellana Ratnalu – Age 50 – Ijjadupalem Village. Staying alone, Unable to take meal properly because of miserably poor.

Vaddi Thavitamma- Age 60 – Pattikayavalasa Village. She is sick and bedridden. Her son expired in an accident and she is living in a hut with sadness.

Under LAASA 100 day food programme our foundation is providing food for 100 days to these most deserving beneficiaries. The every grain they eat is the fruit of all the volunteers’ contribution. All the Volunteers of LAASA are blessed by the Almighty for their valuable charity which enables this noble mission ahead. The volunteers who render this matchless effort Mr. V. Govinda Rao and P. Seetha Ram are highly appreciable.

Love is the only the capsule which provides us happiness. Service is the only tonic which gives us the contentment. We are all there to Love All and Serve All. Let us follow this matra to taste the true bliss.