A000480 – Strengthen your spiritual inclinations

Code : A000480 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Tarra Vaikunta Rao Beneficiaries : Koppali Ramulamma Age-33 Location : Thotada, srikakulam “If you go on a pilgrimage like a picnic, without the mental preparation necessary to receive God’s Grace, your travel is only for sight-seeing, not to strengthen your spiritual inclinations! Your journey is like that of a postal article, collecting impressions on the outer wrapper, not on the core of your

A000479 – Let devotion be linked with duty

Code : A000479 Project : Educational Assistance Volunteer : Golivi Rama Rao Beneficiaries : Artakatla Raja Rao Location : Tandyalapeta ,Srikakulam “Find out the difficulties and troubles burdening others and help them to the extent you can to tide over them; and also to lead their lives such that they may not recur. Learn to live with others sharing your joys and sorrows; be forbearing, not overbearing. Drive away the divisive forces that keep one awa

A000478 – A heart saturated with love of God

Code : A000478 Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance Volunteer : Kinjarapu Vijayakumar Beneficiaries : Smt.Challa Bhagyalaxmi Location : Karimilipeta, Srikakulam Rural Mandal “A heart saturated with love of God can never entertain thoughts of violence. It is sheer hypocrisy to kneel before God and then force others to kneel before you. God is love, God is peace and God is strength. How can a person be in contact with God and yet be proud and acrim

A000477 – Think of God, and the gratitude you owe to Him

Code : A000477 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Kasturi Santosh Kumar Beneficiaries : Anapu Appayamma (45) Location : Day and night Junction, Srikakulam “Your life should not be a wasteful round of eating, drinking and sleeping; you have the Atma (soul) as your reality and so learn to become aware of that unfailing source of bliss. By properly using your intelligence, you can tap that spring and be supremely blissful. Happiness can be won only

A000476 – You are Sath, Chithand Ananda (Being, Awareness, Bliss Absolute)

Code : A000476 Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance Volunteer : Kalamata Ravisankar Beneficiaries : Menda Rajulamma (65) Location : Balaga, Srikakulam “You have all the resources you need in yourself. You can tap them by identifying, manifesting and sharing them with others. You are Sath, Chithand Ananda (Being, Awareness, Bliss Absolute); You are Shiva-Shakti Swarupa (form of divine-energy). Do not cultivate the conviction that you are merely hu

A000475 – Divine Love alone can give that everlasting joy

Code : A000475 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Nadella Bhargava Beneficiaries : Manapalli Bramhanandam Location : Gujarathipeta, Srikakulam “Ravana had vast knowledge of spiritual texts. His ten heads represent the learning he had earned from the six Shastras (scriptures) and the four Vedas. But he never put that knowledge to any use. He craved for the possession of Prakriti (material objects) alone. That was why he fell. Like the monkey whic

A000474 – One is Divine and that everyone else is equally so

Code : A000474 Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance Volunteer : Andhavarapu Nagavani Beneficiaries : Vishnu Pathruni, Labolu Rambai, Bonela Varalakshmi, Gembali Punyavathi Location : Chinna Baratam Street, Srikakulam “Culture is the consequence of the co-mingling of hearts and heads. A group of individuals, who are charged with hatred or contempt towards each other, cannot produce any beneficial effect on any in the group; Sama-chintha, that is,

A000473 – Do not develop attachment

Code : A000473 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Tenka Chalapathi Rao Beneficiaries : Tenka Chinna Rao Location : Gangaram Village, Kotabommali “A millionaire pays income-tax with tears in his eyes; a headmaster joyfully gives up the furniture and laboratory appliances of his school when he is transferred to some other place. Why? Because the headmaster knows that he is only the caretaker, not the owner. He is not attached to these articles; he

A000472 – Be humble, and show reverence to elders

Code : A000472 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Thangudi Sarada Beneficiaries : Krishnakumari Das Location : Tekkali, Srikakulam “Dhana (Money) is the currency of the world; Sadhana (spiritual practices) is the currency of the spirit. When self-styled devotees come to you with their lists and books seeking donations, do not offer them any money. Why do you need a hall to meditate or repeat the Lord’s Name (dhyana or namasmarana)? - practice so

A000471 – Detachment is the Saviour

Code : A000471 Project : Food & Nutrition Assistance Volunteer : Seera Lokanadha Rao Beneficiaries : Cherikuri Raja Location : Hayathi Nagaram, Srikakulam “The conclusion of a Saptah (seven days long discourse) is called Samapti. But the term Samapti has a profound meaning for it too. It means, the attainment (Aapti) of Samam (Brahman or Divinity). That is the final fruit of listening, recapitulation and absorption (sravana, manana and nididhyasan