CODE: A000778 PROJECT : Health AwarenessBENEFICIARY NAME :  UCF Volunteers ClubVOLUNTEER  NAME : Korada ThrinadhaRaoLOCATION : SrikakulamUnited citizens forum volunteers club of Srikakulam is going to conduct health awareness camps and basic medical tests such as blood pressure and diabetes test ,BP test , height and weight test(BMI test) For various groups of society in and around Srikakulam. We LAASA provided weighing machine , glucometer and blood press

A000051 – Love is treasure and serving is the pleasure – Organizing a cervical cancer screening camp for women at Arasavalli, Srikakulam by our DR. P. Malathi – Vice President, LAASA Foundation

Mother the first word of this entire Universe. A word which is marvellous to spell, a word which fills and feels love in each one of us. Mother shares bread and blood. No definitions can define the sacrifice and care of our beloved mother. In fact she should be worshiped first by all of us. She needs no gifts except our true love and care . Our care must be filled with only love in form of gratitude towards her as she gifted this life to us. On any land o

A000010 – Rededicated to serve – Regular Cervical Cancer Screening Camp on 23-Feb-2014 by Dr Malathi & LAASA Team

Health Disorders are easy to deal when they were identified earlier thinking that prevention is better than cure. There will always be a light of hope even to the underprivileged. Without considering the living status of women, Dr. Malathi, LAASA Volunteer has taken up as charge to screen the cervical cancer in more challenging way. Dedicating time, resources for this noble cause, she had accepted the invitation of Satya Seva Organisations and conducted a

A000007 – Regular Cervical Screening Camps by LAASA Foundation

Every Person in this world has a desire or an ambition behind which they run to fulfil their vision. Man is not satisfied with the deeds that only relates to the domestic and professional affairs. There may be corner of love and lust towards the unknown society which can be simply defined as service. More or less everyone of us wants to help others atleat in a minimum possible way. But a few of us are able to keep our emotions and deeds put together to ma

A000001 – 1st Activity by Foundation on 20-Oct-2013 at Srikakulam

Our Foundation has organized a service activity at Kesavareddy School, on 20.10.2013. It was an awareness program of Cervical Cancer, lead by Dr. Malathi, Sindhura Hospitals, Srikakulam. Around 50 women were made aware of the symptoms, developments and critical stage of Cervical Cancer. All the attendants were tested on CALPOSCOPY, its findings and precautions. People from all sections applauded and appreciated the efforts of volunteers of LAASA Foundation...