Health Disorders are easy to deal when they were identified earlier thinking that prevention is better than cure. There will always be a light of hope even to the underprivileged. Without considering the living status of women, Dr. Malathi, LAASA Volunteer has taken up as charge to screen the cervical cancer in more challenging way. Dedicating time, resources for this noble cause, she had accepted the invitation of Satya Seva Organisations and conducted a Cancer Screening Camp at Sai Ganesh Mandir Campus, in old Srikakulam. LAASA Foundation is very open in fulfilling any kind of need or help through its loving service.
In this recent camp, Doctors Dr.Malathi, Dr. Vidyareddy, Dr. Sowjanya Krishna, Nurses Jhansi, Parvathi, Leela, Manga and other LAASA Volunteers Bhargavi, Rajesh, Venkataramana have given the best of their efforts. 48 Women were screened for Cervix Cancer out of which 8 women were showing Acetowhite patches for dysplasias and all the 8 were biopsied and specimens sent for pathology Department for further diagnosis. This camp has improved the confidence in the women who were diagnosed. We appreciate, specially Dr.Malathi and her Team for their selfless continuous efforts in conducting Cervical Screening Camps at regular intervals.