Every Person in this world has a desire or an ambition behind which they run to fulfil their vision. Man is not satisfied with the deeds that only relates to the domestic and professional affairs. There may be corner of love and lust towards the unknown society which can be simply defined as service.
More or less everyone of us wants to help others atleat in a minimum possible way. But a few of us are able to keep our emotions and deeds put together to manifest this kind of help. We always try to be something, but only a little fraction of us able to reach that something.This something of service can be achieved only when we sacrifice our available sources atlndataeast some extent.

The Vice President of LAASA Foundation Dr.Malathi has taken up a task of rendering the above said service in the form of screening the Cervical Cancer in women regularly at her Sindhura Clinic. By sacrificing the time and the resources using her profession as an instrument for this noble deed. LAASA is proud of a volunteer like Dr.Malathi who brought the most costliest affair of screening of Cervical Cancer into the most simplest form by making it reachable to all.

This is what LAASA means to us – Love All And Serve All.

Details of Activity:
* Dates of Screening – 26-Jan-2014 & 02-Feb-2014
* Number of Beneficieries – 37 women
* Supported Volunteers – Dr. Vidya Reddy, Dr. Sowjanya Krishna, Ramesh, Bhargavi.
* Biopsy taken – 9 women