Life is Perpetual… Eternal… Powerful…
We see this every day and yet, perhaps, it is human, after all, to take something for granted, that thing, which exists right before our eyes. Some things are not seen, until the moment of desperation, the final moment arrives before our very eyes, about to be lost. Only a few, endowed with a will to keep searching, with a will to keep a quality, alive as a quality, see this every day.

Blessed, we are, of LAASA, to be made up of volunteers, endowed with such a steely will. With the power to act, with the power to Love, to express, to share and the most important of all to help, especially those who deserve.

Our special thanks to all LAASA volunteers, but the best of all, to Mrs. Sitalaxmi and Mr. B. Ramesh Kumar, whose contribution speaks thousand times than one can ever tell..

Ours is a Matriarchal society. The question, “Which came first, the hen or the egg?”, might be the unanswered question of all time, but when a person were to think of their mother or their sister, or the female friend they adore and respect, we can put all silly doubts aside and pay our respects to the women of our society. We are a society, who realised knowledge, at a very early age, which was thousands of years ago, which we followed, even to this day. To realise and be fully aware that women are to be respected indicates our wisdom and the wisdom of our ancestors that their teachings were not in vain.

And a child.. Think of a plain, white, neat paper, which would show whatever we write on it. Whether we wish to scribble rubbish, or write neat words or draw beautifully, reflects the beauty that we add to the paper. A Child, in this feeble comparison, would be that paper. Totally innocent, devoid of all guileless, with minds as plain as water, they would reflect the society they grow up in, for they are like plain sheets, learning everything from how they grow, growing up into the men and women of our society.

Every child deserves a chance at living to the fullest extent possible. They deserve to be mischievous, playful, study, toys, good food, nice clothes, shelter, a good clean environment, so that they reflect the true pride, knowledge and culture of our society.. Especially a girl child; denied her rights in many places, facing difficulties, but competing with this world, in every possible way.This activity, is about an “Arrangement”, that we rendered to the female children residing at the Orphanage, called as “Balasadan”, a remote place, in the village Arasavilli belonging to the Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh.

Balasadan is home to more than 60 girls, young children, all orphans. Young girls, even babies days and months old, are looked after in the “Sisu Gruha”, present in the upper portion of the Orphanage. These children are already denied the pleasure of parentage. We couldn’t just watch by, as their living conditions were also deteriorating.

The conditions were most untidy and they were an open invitation for mosquitoes. The area was already suffering under the spread of all mosquito bite related diseases like Dengue and Malaria and this was proving to be quite a nuisance.

We knew we had to do something. No sensible person, with an upright morality, could just stand and watch, especially when it involved children. Mrs. M. Sitalaxmi decided to take the first step ahead. A Volunteer of LAASA, she must have given a great deal of thought on how to solve the problem. Prevention of stagnation and other methods are good to read in text books but are very easy to be neglected and they come back, like creepers on walls. She took a clever decision in making a request to arrange for a permanent stainless steel mosquito mesh to all the windows and ventilators of the Orphanage.

Any such activity always needs a helpful hand. Mr. B. Ramesh Kumar was right there and he decided to undertake the supervision of the Carpentry work, for getting these meshes in place..

We did what we could. We can only do any task to the extent of our abilities and try to do even more than how much we can.

The association of Balasadan thanked us for all the help that was rendered by Mrs. M. Sitalaxmi and Mr. B. Ramesh Kumar, but of course, the real pleasure, was revealed, when we saw that all the children were sleeping soundly, and have a good time in their Dormitories, free from mosquitoes, which was happy to see that they are able to spend their time, as they please, instead of hiding and being scared of diseases, was like providing them independence from a social evil.. It was enlightening..

We will keep doing more. A Marathon always begins with a single step. We all know, we have great insights in store for us, great works, in store for us, but then, steps like this always make us know about ourselves, reveal to us, our true potential, for good in this society, to see what our loop holes are, and take corrective actions, so that the society as a whole benefits because of this.. We start small, but then that’s how any major activity starts.. It starts small.. But it finally conquers the World.. And all would welcome it, for all we ask is that they share the Love in their heart, with their fellow neighbours. This is what LAASA is all about.

 This is what we are. We are the LAASA Foundation. We spread this message. Love All And Serve All…

Team, LAASA Foundation