A Great man once said, “Do either good, or evil, but dont watch, from the side-lines”… The reason this was said, was that Evil, erupts out, when it is too unbearable, when it is ripe to being destroyed and Good emerges as the victor, when it finally gathers the strength to destroy the ever rising evil.. It is being on the side-lines, that doesn’t determine the course of this Universe.

Perhaps that is what Padma, one of the Faculty of the Arasavilli Municipal High School felt too, when she witnessed the plight of Sarada.

T.Sarada is teenager of 9th class, of the Arasavilli Municipal High School. She is an orphan and has been staying with in an Orphanage till date; till she moved to her relatives home, to be a bit closer to her family; only God knows what she went through at that place, because, when she was noticed by Padma, she had a piece of glass, embedded in her right eye.

Agreed, that man has the decision, to decide where to be and what to do and what to be a part of, but, no Person, with Honour, with the desire to see that Justice is meted out to every living being, with an Individualistic approach to things, could sit on the sidelines. No such person would choose the side of evil either, but, of course, this world, is not perfect; and amongst its many imperfections, are those, who choose the side of Evil, and even worse; those, who choose to do nothing.

An Honourable person; who never harms anybody; who always wills to only help others; who is offended, when others are offended by their own actions; who will always strive to take the fellow men and women forward; who depends on none of the fellow humans for his survival, except for Mutually beneficial trade; a True Individual in every sense of speaking; such a person would never stand and watch the world crumble under the Titan rule of Evil; No Such individual could ever see others sufferring, in pain; no such Individual would stand and watch in helplessness.

Imagine the pain that this young girl had to go through, and the humiliation, that she must’ve sufferred, for she was not attended to, till we, from LAASA became aware of it. One can only imagine, what must’ve gone wrong with the people to allow such atrocity to continue even, or let it go ahead, watching, unconcerned.

Not all people are like that, but the few who are so, shed the Black Mark on every human to some extent. I believe people like Padma are the ones who feel the Injustice and have decided to take matters into their own hands, to eradicate it, or atleast help to eradicate it, at whatever be the cost.

Padma got in touch with one of our Volunteers – Srikanth immediately. That was when LAASA sprung into action. Our beloved founder himself came down to help Sarada and they could get her treated immediately, that very day. It was, but the inner feeling, which could take that pain of Sarada no more, which must’ve prompted Padma to come to us LAASA; a truly Noble Feeling.

Such prompt action needs no words to speak of, but then, we have to find words, to spread these actions, through messages; messages that shed the real light on us, humans; that shed light on What all is wrong with fellow men and what needs to be done, eradicate the evil present in their hearts..

We are the Individuals, who can only Love, we only want to help, to serve, those who deserve, and in the process, we want to take the entire humanity forward, with Love, Devotion, Duty, Humility, Respect and Honour. For we are LAASA. And our Message is, Love All and Serve All..