CODE: A001059PROJECT : Infrastructure AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Deserving School ChildrenVOLUNTEER NAME : Allam KoteswaraRaoLOCATION : Kaduma village,Kothuru mandal, SrikakulamSUPPORT : LAASA Provided Infrastructure Support To Deserving School ChildrenModel Primary School Kaduma Villlage Srikakulam Is Having 75 Children, Who Are Studying From Class 1St To 5Th .All These Students Are Some Very Needy Rural And Poor Background .These Children Need A Mega P


CODE :A000834PROJECT : Infrastructure AssistanceBENEFICARY NAME : Group of pregnant womenVOLUNTEER  NAME : S S VENKATESWARLULOCATION : Seethampeta, SrikakulamSUPPORT : At Seethampeta Vill,There Is A Government Health Care Center. LAASA Provided 50 Chairs To Group Of Pregnant Ladies Under Infrastructure Assistance To This Deserving Woman. This Activity Is Proposed By LAASA Volunteer S S Venkateswarulu LOVE  ALL AND SERVE ALL #bwg_container1_1927361

A000488 – Turn your mind towards God

Code : A000488 Project : Infrastructure Assistance Volunteer : Sadhu Chandrasekhar Beneficiaries : Inmates of Behara Manovikas Kendra Need : Water and Infrastructure Location : Srikakulam “To understand your true nature, you must do three things: Bend the body, mend the senses and end the mind. ‘Bend the body’ is to not allow the ego to develop within you. Perform all duties sincerely with humility. ‘Mend the senses’ requires you to examine how your

A000173 – Divine service

Divine service Code : A000173 Project : Infrastructure Assistance Volunteers : Yalla Jagadish Need : 50 blind children LAASA’s Assistance : Provided assistance to purchase a desktop. Beneficiaries : SaiNethra foundation Location : Chandanagar, Hyderabad. You can attain Liberation, even while performing worldly duties, if your mind remains immersed in divinity. You will then be working in consonance with God. However we fail to understand and implem

A000067 – Hence, we love all – Provided gas stove, cooker and mixer to 20 orphan children at Prashanti Sai Spiritual and service trust at Palasa, Srikakulam Dist, AP by our volunteers Mr.C.J.Rao and team

The word heart is known as hrudaya can be divided into hrud+daya. Daya means compassion. One heart that holds compassion can be called as true hrudaya. Many of us visit temples and other pilgrim centers to worship god. But have we ever gone through the scripts and texts of holy religion? They all say a single statement that the human body is a temple of god and the service that we do to needy is the real offering and worship to god. From ages, till today

A000005 – Cold and Old Times saved with the Warmth of our Hearts – Donating Gas Stove & 2 Cylinders to Old Age Home

LAASA Foundation Wishes all its members and those reading our Activities a Very Happy New year of 2014. And there's no better way, to begin a new year, than to Illustrate the Will to live.. We are talking about a very noble effort, rendered by Mr. Suresh Urjapu, one of our esteemed LAASA Volunteers, who was responsible, for setting up a Gas Stove and two Cylinders at the "ASHRAYA" Old Age Home, at Isnapur, in Medak district, on the 30th of December, 2013.

A000003 – Will of Steel, filled with Love – Contributed Steel Mesh to Balasadan at Arasavilli, Srikakulam

Life is Perpetual… Eternal… Powerful… We see this every day and yet, perhaps, it is human, after all, to take something for granted, that thing, which exists right before our eyes. Some things are not seen, until the moment of desperation, the final moment arrives before our very eyes, about to be lost. Only a few, endowed with a will to keep searching, with a will to keep a quality, alive as a quality, see this every day. Blessed, we are, of LAASA, to b