LAASA Foundation Wishes all its members and those reading our Activities a Very Happy New year of 2014. And there’s no better way, to begin a new year, than to Illustrate the Will to live..

We are talking about a very noble effort, rendered by Mr. Suresh Urjapu, one of our esteemed LAASA Volunteers, who was responsible, for setting up a Gas Stove and two Cylinders at the “ASHRAYA” Old Age Home, at Isnapur, in Medak district, on the 30th of December, 2013. Shows that even though the year is approaching its end, it must be shown out graciously, for activities of these kind, shed a glorious light on the year 2013 and all that we have accomplished, not just as LAASA members, but as Individuals, as human beings..

There are nearly 30 people in the home, a mix of both the aged and Orphans as well, which speaks about magnanimous the people of this “Aashrayam” are.. It was founded and now organised and led, by Smt. Usharao. Off late, they have been under some difficult times, which aren’t that easy to put into words.
Any person is entitled to the 3 Basic rights – Food, clothing and Shelter.. The aged and the orphans staying in at “Ashraya” are sheltered and have clothing to wear, but what good is it, if they cannot sustain themselves, properly? One can only imagine their plight, and our Shock when it came to our notice, that they were using “firewood” to prepare their food..
Guess, it really shook Mr. Suresh Urjapu to the core, when he had a look at their plight. It shook even us when we came to know their suffering. We decided to alleviate it. We provided the home with a gas Stove and two cylinders, so that they could cook, to their hearts extent, at least for the coming two months, without any worry on their soul.
Just like all the other activities that we have rendered till date, we only measure the worth of what we did, by what we see.. And when we saw them enjoying nice cooked hot and steamy food, in cold times like these, thanking us for what we did, that happiness in their eyes was more than enough. That alone, seemed to lessen every personal trouble of ours. That power is immense; it can melt Glaciers if it wills; it can turn the sun to a block of ice if it feels; for that’s the power of Love, Indescribable but Immense and Unmeasurable..
“Many people visited our Ashram, but nobody helped to this extent. We are very happy and we also express our gratitude to LAASA Foundation on behalf of our Team.” – Mrs. Usha Rao, Founder of Ashraya Old Age Home. 
And that’s what we are all about. We don’t just ask you to love all; we ask you to take a Step beyond it and then beyond it, if one can Will it; for we are the LAASA Foundation. And we Love all and Serve All..