Every person who provides us food, with respect (towards the Guest), devotion (in duty) and love (in action and expectation), is a reminder of our dear mother, who used to feed us, when we were young. It resonates with the wisdom of our elders, of our culture and our love for our fellow humans.

Perhaps this is what our esteemed volunteers J. Bharathcharan, G. Murali, Bhargavigaaru and Mrs. Seethalakshmi had in mind, when they conducted this activity which resonates with the wisdom of our Elders and us Indians, at every step.

The Government has the Midday Meal Programme at every Government Elementary school, a clever but a wonderful programme for getting all the poor families to send their children to school. And it works both ways. Not only do the children get to study and have fun at school, but they get to eat as well, which shoulkd actually make being at school a joyful time to these young minds.

There is a catch here, though. The Children will have to get their own plates to eat. And in remote places, like Onumuvani Peta (Gara Mandal, Srikakulam district) and Chinna Ajjaram (Etcherla Mandal, Srikakulam district), in some families, providing a plate is also sometimes… a miracle..

I guess that’s what moved our volunteer J. Bharathcharan, G. Murali, Bhargavigaaru and Mrs. Seethalakshmi and prompted them to take action. Well, it was a matter of honour, for no Individual with the desire to take their fellow men forward, could watch as the little minds were denied, what they had every right to enjoy..

First, J. Bharatcharan and G.Murali distributed 45 steel plates, in the Onumuvani Peta Government Elementary school, to all the children. Then, on the Valentine’s Day, on the day where St. Valentine sacrificed himself for the ideal of propogating love among every living being, all the four esteemed volunteers came together and distributed 27 plates to all the children of the Chinna Ajjaram Government Elementary School, with renewed love and vigour.
Each of the children belonged to shepherds and in some cases, even poorer and it was a delight to have them enjoy what was rightfully theirs.. Brain full of knowledge, stomach full of food and hearts full of happiness and contentment.. And to watch these children enjoying to their heart’s content was so joyous and so light, that it was no wonder that when we looked upon our volunteers, there were smiles of happiness spread wide.

For whatever we do, wherever we go, however we live, the amount of satisfaction that we get, when another person, helped by us, either directly, or indirectly, smiles back at us, in happiness, in a gesture of acknowledging our help. For, only upon complete and total realisation, would one realise that only in helping a fellow human lies true happiness and that, is what, we true these humble acts of our esteemed volunteers, try to voice out. That we, Love all and Serve all..

This, is our Message. This, is our Ideal. This, is what we are. And we, are the LAASA Foundation.