From ancient times man is the most social being on this Earth. We all are having the similar warm blood, the eyes, the heart beat. But today the modern society divides our fellow beings by status, cast. One gets happiness by just filling their belly with a little food. And one will not be satisfied even though they eat many items. For someone food electricity and shelter is a must need. For someone these are the needs but also luxuries.

Why are we talking about this today? Miss Prvathi a volunteer of singupuram village of Srikakulam District had brought a heart touching story for which LAASA Foundation is very much moved and extended its loving and helping hand to the lonely old lady by named Mahalakshmamma.

We all are blessed to have friends and families to care and share for us. But our old friend mentioned above, nobody is there to care or to share something living in a muddy hut with a torn tached roof, no electricity and no rice to eat, a miserable condition of Mahalakshmamma.

LAASA Foundation came forward to help this old poor lady in the best possible way. We have repaired the torn tached roof and made it new. We have paid off the outstanding electricity bill and made an advance payment of 1 year and further provided a pack of rice of 25 kilos to her. This small help may not fill her life, but she can feel the fellow beings love in her heart.

We are able to create this love and service because of the very helping hands of our LAASA Volunteers. Let us put all our hands together in thanking our volunteer Ms. Parvathi who have given us all to love someone who is in need with our little service.