Our eyes will look here and there, this and that. Sometimes we feel the beauty, sometimes most enjoying, sometimes most observing, and sometimes most moving. The true desire of a kind human heart possesses love through its sense organs and gathers the information and matches it to its desire of human serving. One such look moved a kind heart and given strength to a strong desire of care and share of LOVE. Our Volunteers Mr. Yalla Jagadeesh and Sri Kanth Vunna have found arms stretching not just for help but also for a warm hug with love. The intensified emotional bondage of human belongingness let their feet walk towards the tiny tarts whose lips are dried lack of smile, whose hearts are deserted not with any affection fertility. The time has cursed with sin in form of HIV virus. The little flowers are not sure of their life span but hold the colourful glory of life and the tender thought fragrance in them.
This is not a story to think of…, it’s a miserably worry…! A caring umbrella by name DESIRE SOCIETY have given shade to 65 HIV affected orphan children at Kukatpally, Hyderabad. They provide food and medicine.

Our Volunteers have noticed shortage of medicine for the little souls… LAASA instantly like a fountain raised to the sky tried to pour the maximum love with Rs. 15000/- provided by our LAASA. These two young volunteers approached a local chemist and placed an order for the required medicine. The chemist is greatly moved in listening to the mission of LAASA and has provided a maximum discount in the gross bill. The chemist asked our volunteers to collect the medicine after some time. When they were back to the counter 30 minutes later, the package of medicines were ready with a surprise boost-up gift to all LAASA Volunteers. The chemist had provided worth Rs. 3000/- useful items viz., tooth paste, talcum, creams, etc packed all these separately and said….


This is somewhat a little thing we want to provide to the 65 HIV children through your LAASA foundation. Holding millions of rupees in foundation bank accounts, any foundation could do any good activity, but the common man still striving and struggling for his life and livelihood. Contributing some part from his wallet for the purpose of human service is highly appreciable. I wish all LAASA Volunteers, Please do continue this noble effort.”


With great joy and inspiration carrying in the bags of their hearts, our volunteers stepped into the Desire society and wished every child and have spent a spectacular time fabulously. They handed over the medicine, groceries and a digital weighing machine which are very much useful for the HIV patients. The authorities expressed their gratitude in receiving all these things and said “Dear LAASA Volunteers, we DESIRE SOCIETY may get many donations both in terms of monetary and kind wise but the time you have given tried to make the dried little lips enjoy with smile is unaccountable. The meaning of Love All and Serve All may be manifested here and defined your foundation on this platform”

Thanks Note from DESIRE Society
Dear Jagadish and Members of Laasa foundation


This is just a confirmation note, but it comes from my heart to convey you.

Thank you for your Sponsorship of coconut oil-2nos,Tooth paste -2nos,Dermicool-2nos,Tung Cleaners-2pkts,Tooth brushes-11nos,Odonil-2nos,Glucon D-2nos,Pens-2boxes,Dettol hand wash-10nos which we have received on 24.5.2014.

Your generosity will make an immediate difference in the lives of destitute orphan children who are suffering with deadly and incurable disease HIV/AIDS. I’m sure that your gift will enable us on providing quality health care for these unfortunate little lives.

For sure, we are going to use your gift to fund our Care & Support program. Your generosity is going to help us buy the nutrition for the children living with HIV virus. Good nutrition and timely medication, as you know, is so vital and desperate in fighting off the diseases and infections among the people who suffer with HIV virus.

You can read about this exciting initiative in our website www.desiresociety.org

Thanks once again for your kindness, looking forward to hear again from you.

With regards,
Yours Sincerely,

P.Madhu Babu
Project Officer
DESIRE Society,
Caring for HIV/AIDS Children
LIG-156, 2nd Road,K.P.H.B Colony
Cell No: +91 9010067877

Drops of tears:

Our Volunteers left the Desire Society compound with a tearful face after spending 3 hours and said their desire of serving to this Desire Society is truly and firmly because of the LAASA and only by LAASA. We at LAASA unable to change the infected blood of the children but we may fill their hearts with a little joy, a little care and a glimmer of hope.

For we LAASA, Loving All and Serving All.