That was a dark evening…, two boys trying to put their feet ahead and walk into a mud-covered jungle. They know their destiny but unaware of the path. The determination of these two young guys is simply fantastic. The thorns that prick, the stones they hit, the mighty trees they face are like tiny pebbles before the mighty task of completing the journey. Each of them are very particular in their own way but not in a position to help the other. The snow that falls on the dry leaves is the speaking friend. The slight moon light that peeps through the thick layers of the trees is the torch. By hook or crook, these guys must cross the jungle.

Many of our children are provided the best possible education by the parents without considering the amount they spend, the strain they face and the pain they bear, because the parental approach always possess for the best for their beloved kids. This is just one side of the face. Practicing mathematics on slates, utilizing the second hand books of friends and seniors, stretching the arms before many to pay the fee of money. This context may suit the above said little story.
There are two brothers Shiva Prasad and Srinivas sons of Trinadha Rao of Srikakulam are not only great readers but also good students. They have less sources and plus problems. Shiva Prasad is a 3rd year engineering student while his brother Srinivas studying 2nd year inter. They are facing really a tough task to finish their journey of studies. Their father is a contract based employee working for 3000 bucks a month and not holding any kind of reservations. Taken the birth in the caste of forward and taking lead financially backward. These two flowers are awaiting a gentle shower.

Our LAASA Volunteer Mr. Surya Prakash has identified these poor kids in real ground conditions with the help of another Volunteer Mr. Bhrath Charan. Help Ever is our motto. We do not deny any individual who is in Cray of need. We the LAASA always in all ways strive to be worthy of our love and service. The narrow castism, the sinful life structures can be blown away with explosives of care and love share. We are like a little lamp in the hands of two boys who are walking amidst of the tough jungle. LAASA provided assistance of Rs. 7000 for these two brothers hoping and wishing a wonderful settlement, a beautiful commitment in the coming future. We the LAASA for Love and Service.