There was a beautiful kingdom full of resources and riches. The soldiers who guard the kingdom were wise and energetic. These soldiers were very loyal towards the master and carried the message and material in proper channel. These were the real, true and honest citizens who lived and strived day and night for the welfare of the kingdom. If they come out, it was a painful moment for the kingdom. This means the kingdom wants the soldiers, the soldiers love the kingdom. They are spread all over the kingdom right from top to toe. If they flow, the kingdom will grow. Any ministry will have its job right with the service of these soldiers.

One day, an enemy entered the kingdom and wanted to ruin it. It thought how to start its disaster. The enemy being powerful and tactful, among all the wings of kingdom, it started infecting and thereby killing all the soldiers one by one. Slowly, the functioning of the kingdom was weaken. The ministry of organs were disordered in their functioning. The enemy got an upper hand. Finally, it captured everything and kept the kingdom to ash.

Think: Kingdom – Human Body, Soldiers – Blood Cells, Ministry – internal organs, Enemy – HIV Virus.

We all are aware of this HIV Virus and about this deadly disease AIDS. Many worthy people are losing their lives like dry leaves falling over the ground. Someone else is cursed for someone who committed the crime. We are not here to read the fate of most unfortunate fellow beings. But, these pathetic condition based patients (HIV Patients) is nearly devastating. Poverty – the fashionable dress code of modern slums is one of the major factors where the HIV cases are addressed with high difficulty. Lack of awareness, protein food and support from the community and family, these poor HIV patients in slums are experiencing the real hell on Earth.

Our LAASA Volunteer Mrs. Jagadamba has identified HIV infected patients in Visakhapatnam Slums, A. P. She decided to distribute at least protein food to these people. This protein food may provide the body a little bit more energy besides the medication. The foundation feels proud to the desire of this volunteer and assisted her with Rs. 10000. This wonderful service project was done by a single lady who distributed ground Nuts, Jaggery and Ragi powder to a hundred HIV infected patients.

The stories of these patients are really heart touching, for example,

· Rajeswari lost her husband, having two daughters one is infected and Rajeswari lost her parents also.

· Appayamma lost her son who died with HIV.

· Two kids of Padma who was expired one month back and her kids are left by her husband and Padma’s parents took the responsibility of the infected kids.

· Sarala HIV patient. Husband expired with. Having 2 DAUGHTERS. Mother-in-law sent her out though Sarala was infected by her husband.

LAASA Foundation pays tributes to those who lost their lives because of this HIV Virus and stands by these existing patients who are fighting with this deadly disease. Our tears are warm in similar as their tears are. Humanity can be called as divinity when it is shown to others. The ultimate spirituality is nothing but knowing the reality that human is GOD. LAASA appreciates our volunteer’s noble thought of matchless and selfless service. For love and service, we the LAASA by Loving and Serving All.
LAASA Foundation