Four Letter Word, For the People Around, Four Corners of the World – Distribution of Uniforms, school bags, study material to 16 economically backward students by our volunteer K. Tejeswara Rao

I am a star among millions. I am a seed among lakhs of the same. I am just an ordinary among the masses. But there is a strong feel to plough my field of heart and make it provide ripen fruits of humanity and spread its love and care. This little desire of a young boy really may set path to many others. This is neither a description nor a narration. This is a true live exemplary service activity that may reach and may touch many hearts.

Words of the Volunteer on Dias

This is Konara Tejeswara Rao. I am a student of this municipal high school. I’ve studied here from class 6th to 10th. Now I am working in Trimex Company. I was taught by worthy teachers besides studies, they made us learn what life is and how to color it through values.

One day I went to meet my beloved sir Mr. Bharadwaj DSV at his residence to say my desire for doing something to the school and to my little brothers and sisters there. Sir has understood my intention and applauded my commitment. Then sir has explained about LAASA and how anyone can help or render service to the needy. I was motivated and joined the foundation immediately. We may earn but all our earnings will take many forms like spending, saving and enjoying, but at least a little fraction of earning must take the form of helping.

I have many dreams. But I don’t have sources to fulfill them. I got and caught this LAASA Foundation as a compass to reach the destiny of self-satisfaction.

Identification: As I have studied in this school, I have identified a 16 little kids who are orphans, studying well but no resources, who have thorough shortage of study materials and so on. I have decided to provide at least a little help through our LAASA Foundation.

Render: I am able to provide school bags, uniforms, books and study materials to these little learning flowers with the help of our beloved foundation.

Voice of heart: We all are aware of a little story “the thirsty crow”. The crow is a volunteer who want to fulfil its thirst by just having some water of satisfaction. The LAASA foundation is like a pot where all the efforts are like little pebbles. Any volunteer who has a wish to taste the satisfaction by helping others can use the little water in the pot with all of our collective contributions.

This comparative story was narrated by the volunteer on the Dias of the presentation ceremony. The volunteer had no words after this narration on the school Dias and expressed his gratitude to LAASA and to its all Volunteers with a folding hand. There is only one thing in the world which cannot be reduced even if we share it with millions…, that is LOVE. To spread this 4 lettered word 4 the people around 4 corners of the world, we the LAASA always LOVE ALL and SERVE ALL.