In the tradition of india, we honor each rock and tree to worship them as idols of deities. In olden generations the family is undivided and the elederlihood occupied the highest reverential status. Each member in the family had not only love and respect but also devotion in their in their elderness. This is probably because of the ethical mindset of that age. People used to consider both deity and parent as similar. The meaning for parent has changed and taken a form of “pay rent”. Children fly away once they get knowledge and new bondages. Parents are left in the same sorrowful stage by the unsympathetic sons and daughters.

This is what happened in the remote village at Srikakulam by name Thandyalapeta of Gara Mandal. Our Volunteer Mr. G. Balaraju has identified a mother and provided food under LAASA 100 day Food Program. We have a great privilege in continuing this effort to that lonely old mother who stays in a hut. Each rupee contribution from every volunteer made this weak old physic not to roam around the village for food by begging.

Hats off to dear Volunteers for your support and kindness to this darkened world. Your mercy is a lighting star. We are warriors in this war of love and service. Let us love all more and serve all more.