In Vedic times, children used to go to gurus and learn the epics and essence of them. There is only one cadre…, the lotus feet of thy guru. Children from all classes of life will be treated similar and the end result of their gurukulam is acquaintance of knowledge. This is the flash back of the present day education system.

Now the field of education is broken into many pieces. As you pay, so you gain…! For someone education is nothing but something more. For the others, education is merely painful rather than any other suffering for them in this world. Who could earn a minimum with their labor are stretching towards the private education who are unable to spend at least a few bucks for the welfare of their children’s education are striving towards the government system of education inspite of many welfare schemes honorable govt. The levels of success rate are not adequate.

The government is providing even mid-day meal for the students who come to school. This unique and noble task program is crawling with several demerits. Our Volunteer Mr. N. Varaha Narasimhulu was informed by his friend Mr. Sudarshan Rao a little thing. Mr. Sudarshan Rao was working as an assistant of mathematics in Lakshminagar Municipal High School, Amadalavalasa Municipality, Srikakulam District. The strength of the school is about 600 and mid meal takers being about 300 but number of plates available are just 100. There is a huge scarcity of meals plates where the students are facing a lot of trouble because of this huge shortage. This thing was informed to our beloved volunteer. He instantly raised this at the counter of LAASA. The foundation has graciously approved in providing a productive infrastructure in the government schooling system by assisting the mid- day meal program by distribution of 100 qualitative stainless steel meals plates to the above said school.

Mrs. M. Sita Laxmi and Mr Balaraju have participated in this noble service. The staff and the school management are greatly motivated to the quality of the plates and surplus service renered by our LAASA. For we are to serve all through our Love and only love. We are Love Carriers – Have no Barriers. We are ever Loving and Serving All.