Life is like a river. We are not aware when the water increases or decreases, when it takes a turn or when it becomes dry. Sometimes, no no…, in many live the scenario of it is rather unpredictable.

Some live happily. No shortage of food, shelter or clothing. They live in the most respectful way in the society but the turn of life will burn their fate. Their state of living is nearly miserable. They cannot stretch their hands because of self – respect. They cannot hide their problem as the pain in their lives is unbearable.

This is what that has happened to a family in Srikakulam town. A 70 year old lady Mrs. Sita Ramamma was undergone an ankle surgery. They put all their money together but could not reach their need. In spite of stretching hands, their eyes searched for help. They are in tearful mood thinking how the gap of payment can be filled.

Like a lamp in the darken way, our Volunteers Mr. J. Bharat Charan and Mr. S. Jayaram Gupta provided the needy money as medical assistance through our LAASA.

Serving is an opportunity. The humanity which we show is nothing but divinity. Probably, having the sense that service to humanity is service to god is true spirituality. For we LAASA, the Volunteers are not only contributors are not common among the mass we utter the Sadhana on the paths of LOVE ALL AND SERVE ALL.