Worshipping is a regular activity rendered by many people in devotion. Some even feel it as a matter of routine and some feel sentimental. Devotion is neither physical nor psychological activity. This is the eternality and a path to have inward journey to reach the destiny of soul. This is just the Vedanta.

Many of us may start our work or job by visiting a worshipping or a praying place. In general we may have a visit to a sanctum. We desire regarding self-profession, family and so on. How many of we pray for the welfare of the needy and others??? This is not questioning.., but god listens to the prayer if we do it for the sake and welfare of the others.

Leaving this context aside our Volunteer Mr. S. V. Subrahmanyam one day visited a Mandir, while returning back, a weakened voice in a most low profile way addressed him,” sir, I am a watchman working here for a few hundreds living under a thin sheet roofed room beside this footpath. My son is studying a vocational course. A person like me is unable to meet his fee. Kindly do some help”.

The volunteer said something and went on his way. On the way another boy met him and poured his all sorrows before this noble gentleman. That boy was parentless also in a great need of money to pay his fee too.

These two incidents made our beloved Volunteer contact LAASA instantly. We the foundation responded immediately. With the sources available on the banks of our Love and charity, the Volunteer could pay these two young boys fee and felt contentment that he was able to do at least a little with the love and service of LAASA.

We are all like blossomed flowers. We may be at one place but the fragrance of our noble service spread all over and share Love and Love…!