Sometimes may queries struck our mind “WHY THIS BIAS and LOTS OF STATUS DIFFERENCES AMONG ONE AND ONLY VARIETY HUMANS?” some live in air conditioned mansions and some in power less dark narrow rooms. Some wasting the delicious food while some sitting at trash bins in search of food. The era modern but losing its most marvelous quality of humanity. According to a great saying…, the matter is not in giving but it counts the love we put into giving. There are crores of cursed souls’ stories leading a deserty life craving for minimum basic needs like food and shelter.

Our Volunteeer Mr. B Ramesh Kumar has noticed a most deserving mother and child living along with a sister and son in a slum in Srikakulam. They are residing in a house having no power supply. The lady is HIV effected. The sister is only the bread winner of this pityable family. Sleepless nights, helpless hands bring the shower of tears tasting the fears of life, this family is merely cursed by fate we could say. We the LAASA always try and try to keep ourselves more closure to these kind of beneficiaries. The basic amenities of food is addressed under LAASA 100 day food program. We thank the volunteer for providing us the opportunity to serve the needy. Let us be speedy in reaching the goal of service on the roads of LOVE.