We often listen and read in the history that there were human beings who used the rocks and the clay for making instruments and articles but in this modern era, things are ultra-fast where ovens and toasters occupied the kitchen.

People have no thought or bothered that what we eat for lunch or for supper because there exist a plenty of options for their meal. On the other side people are striving and straining for the basic food and do labor to fill their bellies for that particular lunch or dinner. No matter there is huge variation in rural and urban living status. Here we quote a remote village by name Banapuram in Gara Mandal of Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh where only 15 families of Scheduled Caste stay in this tiny village.

The miserable conditions of these people are really heart touching. Hard working is the only habit of their earning source. Even today these poor people cook in pots and in clay vessels as they do not have proper utensils to cook.

Our volunteer Mr. Rama Rao Golivi has identified these families and taken a task of providing vessels for cooking and water storage containers. This will make a clear mark on their cooking style and uplift their spirits for the care and love we share with them.

Faces of these deserving people were shined and their minds are all full of joy for the little assistance provided by LAASA Volunteers. Mr. Surya Prakash and Mr. Durga Prasad have taken part in this distribution activity. For LAASA, there is only one caste, the caste of Humanity and there is only one God, who is Omnipresent. Love is equal and there is no sequel to this divine love. Anything will be reduced by sharing. But love alone grows more when you share more. Help with a loving heart is service. Hence, we Love All and Serve All.