Man’s life is full of desires and because of desires. Desire is never ending and it is a process of continuity. Many desires fill our personal and family life. But a few desires really fill our mind with true bliss, these desires are selfless. We cannot trust and analyze on which basis God has differentiated all the people in this world. Reasons cannot be comprehended but can be understood by a loving heart.

Little flowers of 5, 8, 10, 12 aged children are wilting because of HIV curse. Parental love and care was vanished and they are on the roads and on the edges of life. Their journey is in the light of dusk. Their passage and destiny is unknown.

Our volunteer Mr. Venkatesh Balivada has identified 22 HIV children at Desire Society orphanage home and provided those school bags, meals plates, mats. These things are not permanent, but the love and care shown by our volunteer will have a permanent mark over these tiny tarts. The fate will do never late in hitting the life. The time which rolls and take lives to the shores of unknown and unseen but yet in this fearful way of life and worried world, there is always a helping hand, a merciful look and compassionate heart to listen to the sorrow stories. We can serve people even by listening and speaking.

LAASA has done not just distributing the necessities to these HIV children…, we have heard the voice of their hearts and showered our love selflessly and hence a selfless desire taken our all hearts to the blissful banks. For we Loving and Serving All.