Sometimes we search for little things which really benefit a lot. The task may be very minute, but the reachability is highly difficult. In this scenario both eyes shed tears take the mind near the fear. Every person they face will be seen so dear as if they would bring them out of their difficulties. A mother approached a neighbor gentleman who is young and loving like her own son. She shared her grief as she was unable to pay a little amount of examination fee to her son Naga Manikanta who is studying his 3rd year technical course.

Fortunately the gentleman is a Volunteer of LAASA and brought this issue to the counter of foundation, paid the examination fee immediately. This is a living example how love can be shared in form selfless help. The student’s father was not even going to his daily mechanic work. He is an awful drunkard giving up all the responsibilities of his family. LAASA Foundation has taken the very responsibility through our Volunteer Mr. Botu Balaji and supported a poor student by saying “We are there to Care”.

Caring and sharing are the two wings of love. We love this world with this motto. Loving and Serving all – LAASA Foundation.