People in this world differ from each other both in physical and mental wise. Some live with ultra-selfishness and the unique selflessness. For some keeping money gives happiness and for others sharing money among needy provides bliss. This all depend upon the level of discrimination and on the maturity of the mind.

We are living in a socio jungle besides the beauty of the jungle, there are thorns and stony paths. The discrimination will provide the true happiness – that is bliss. To attain this bliss, one must sacrifice at least a little and feel the warmth of a tear.

Our Volunteer Mr. Trinadha Rao Korada has identified 3 leprosy effected families who are visually impaired and he greatly moved and moved towards LAASA. Foundation has supported to make these 3 needy families not to weep with hunger and provided 25kg of rice and necessary groceries to each family. This may not be a permanent solution but definitely a good relief to those old souls. We are sure of our contribution and believe that pure heart’s support is the medicine for a sorrowful mind. We are on this globe not only to live but also to love.