We call the snow when we feel cold. We call a flower when we can identify the fragrance. We call the breeze when we feel the touch of air. We call the Human when there is Love. Each identity consists of a quality – The quality of Human Love must be felt in the true Human Heart. We all feel and say that Love is Expressive, Emotional, etc. But, the true synonym of Love is Eternal. We search for Hundred reasons when we love someone or something but, the true love is beyond all these barriers.

We all are aware of the truth that everything is similar among all the living beings of this world. The breath, the heartbeat, the hunger and a warm tear… all are equal and similar to each one of us. By the curse of time or fate, some of us may not be physically holding and having the bondage of parents, but if we peep through the lens of love, we all are there to all. We can say “We all are there to Love all”.

Our Volunteer Mr. Mannava Vijayakumar was informed by his friend Mahesh that an orphanage at Moulali, Hyderabad was in a great need of a supporting and helping hand. The care-takers are unable to provide the school fee for 22 children of their orphanage home. With the help of Y. Jagadish, Vijay Kumar has approached LAASA. Immediately the foundation stood like a fatherhood to assist all these little children assuring them that that fragrance of humanity will stay forever to the real flower of love.

The orphanage home by name Akshar Sadhan is filled with joys when our Volunteers entered. To their great enthusiasm our Volunteers have celebrated the 1st anniversary of LAASA Foundation in between the Love and Smile of those Children. As we believe that Life is an Epic, Smile is a Lyric but Love is a Magic.