The world around us is very beautiful to look at…! The bubbling sea, the snow fall, the blossoming rose… all these are the eye feast scenes to watch. Many of us are most fortunate to visualize this colorful nature. Have we ever thought a person who lead a life without vision..? This is something what unimaginable. But for true, People who are visually challenged are the real viewers of the show on this Earth. Their heartfelt thought is the green, their pure mind is the white, their dedication to live and lead life is the red, their vision and hope for the future is yellow, their dreams are blue, their orientation is orange and their wisdom is violet. We may mention them that they are blind.., but before the boldness of them, the blindness is behind them.

On the colorful and glorious occasion of Diwali, our Volunteers K. Mohan Kumar, Ch. Y. K. Priyanka, Sai Kishan and Swecha have lightened lights of love in the lives of 25 visually challenged (blind) children of Mother Teresa blind school, Ongole, Prakasam Dist., Andhra Pradesh.

These young Volunteers have taken a challenge to make the festival more fabulous supporting these children by providing rice and grocery for 60 days (approx.) with the loving assistance of LAASA. DR. Rama Krishna M.D.S. has organized a dental camp for these children and served to his extent.

We spread the light of love which is unseen and also eternal. The caring is the color of this love lamp. We the LAASA proudly celebrate this colorful Diwali in this beautiful garden of Mother Teresa blind school lighting the candles of smile on the faces of visually challenged children. We love them with love, for love and by love…