The entire world is covered and ruled with the five elements – The fire, the wind, the water, the sky and the earth. These are natural and God made. Neither we create nor we destroy. Each individual life on this globe is directly or indirectly effected by these elements. Because of the selfish deeds of the human, we extract more than the need. Hence, these five elements are acting negatively causing infinite damage to the mankind. The greediness is leading to the terrible agony. As a result, the innocent are being victimized.

Unaware of the power of these “pancha bhootas” we often miscalculate their force and source. The HUDHUD cyclon is one of those ghostic and gigantic form of wind and huge downpour had shaken the entire northern coast of Andhra Pradesh. The torched houses, the cement sheet covering of the poor people are greatly damaged.One of such was Smt. D. Laxmi Kanthamma aged 85 years, living along with her daughter Pushpalatha aged 45 years in a small house with a cement sheet roof at Arasavalli village, Srikakulam Dist.

These downtrodden lives shaked like new born leaves for the massive wind which damaged their house. A huge tree fell upon the roof, the roof was broken into pieces.

Our Volunteer Mr. K. Tejeswara Rao brought their poor, miserable condition to the counter of LAASA. We with a kind heart stood on behalf of their family and repaired the house immediately for their survivability.

We cannot stop the natural disaster, but we can stop the tears of the needy who suffered because of the disaster. The amount we spent is not the matter, but the love and care we shower is the prime. LAASA blows the wind of Love and shower of Care just to touch the bottom of the needy hearts. We will not shake but we vibrate with immense and pure love.