According to a writer, life is a journey on a train. Everyone have their own entry and exit in their respective stations. No one is a full time companion. As per the schedule, every person will act. The train which reveals many secrets of human life, we peep through the windows and observe the trees and hills moving. But on the real board, we are moving. Likewise, if we peep through our lives, we feel that we are ‘growing’, but in other sense of reality we are ‘going’. The philosophy of attachment and detachment is being observed in this life journey by many of us. We think that the bondage is permanent but this bondage is like a bandage – that we keep on our body only till wound heals up. So the physical bondage even detaches as the tenure completes.

Smt. Raparthi Rajulamma aged 65 years of Amadalavalasa Village, Srikakulam Dist., Andhra Pradesh leading a lonely life as none is there to care her. Her husband died in a train accident who used to sell tea in trains. The train which fed them has taken his life too. The old lady is unable to work and earn. Stretching her hands before someone to fill her belly. This has been observed by our volunteer Mr. Boty Balaji along with K. V. Surya Prakash.

We the LAASA supported her with a loving hand with LAASA 100 day food programme and made the devil of hunger run out of her life. This all because of collectiveness and all the volunteers’ selfless contributions. Each grain we provide may gain something to the beneficiary and take out the pain from their lives because we fill it with love. The true sense of divinity lies in the sense of humanity which can be achieved by purity. LAASA’s asset is such purity.