Nectar is the life of a real flower which attracts the bees. The heart of each individual is like a flower. The nectar is love which can attract the fellow beings. The sweetness is nothing but the soft nature of us. Even a bee could gather nectar when the face of the flower is open. If our flavor of heart is open and broad, the people in our surroundings will come to seek our love. Such provision of love and affection is the true service.

A boy standing on the steps of street shedding tears, the warmth of those tears doesn’t know the reason but the eyes are not happy because of lack of faith. The boy D. Hari Prasad studying class 7th suffered a lot with a clot of blood in his brain. A daily wage father D. Rama Rao had swept all his sources for the treatment of his beloved son. Now this family in Srikakulam is in great need of a little amount for the boy’s education

Our LAASA Volunteer D. Jagadeeswara Rao had brought this to the notice of foundation and fetched the water of help from the well of LAASA and filled their need with love and care.

Do we know?

Ans. The one and only thing or emotion or element or ….in the Universe is the LOVE. It fills our hearts with joy when we are alive and fills the hearts of many with a feel when we are out of this home of globe.

Love is an asset to enjoy, a liability to remember and a reality to understand. Let us own this to own bliss..