There were two friends leading a voyage on a deep sea. Their journey was on a little boat. The destiny was not certain but the company to each other is inevitable.

One dark night the boat was moving steadily like a huge heavy vehicle moves in a narrow street. Suddenly one of the two friends slipped out of the boat and fell into the water. The companion immediately responded but nothing is accessible to save his beloved. The boy fell into the water shouted for help. The cry of his heart made the friend try heard to search for a rope or an equivalent. Like a spark the boy in the boat got an idea and cut part of the rope that is tied to the boat. The person was lifted up with the trail and the life was saved. They realised that the boat was not just travelling instrument but also a life insured helper for them. We come across many incidents which just move our heart but rarely we find a helping platform to perform our love.

Our volunteer Mr. Sivannarayana of Ongole had a good friend by name Avinash – son of a coolie. Avinash met with an accident and was no many to have surgery. LAASA volunteer responded spontaneously taken the helping hand of the foundation and supported his beloved to the maximum extent.

Support can be acquired when we support someone. Love is a multidimensional. It’s like a ray of sun, nectar of a flower, pleasantness in a shower. It has no boundaries of reason and region.

Our LAASA is just like a hope of helping rope. It may not create wonders but it will create and shares the true love among fellow beings as just we read above.