Every age has a story. Every Village has a story. We witness many stories around us. We mind some and we put some behind. In this mechanical life, the marvellous feel of caring and sharing is ignored. We all are aware of this fact and we do not admit our act. In our observations, whole nature is just living for the others sake. It may be a flower or a fruit, a grain or a root. What about our human stand…? Will we stand in the last or in the first…? This question is to be answered by our hearts. Do not write or say it out. We want someone to help someone. Have we ever thought “why, I an individual unable to help that someone…?”

“Dear Loving Soul,

If the power of love is immense and the strength of thought is selfless, you are nothing but just you but a power of help. Don’t wait till someone comes and reaches the needy. We should start our first step, and then the god will bless with grace gifting the ability to serve the needy. “

This happened with volunteer Mr. Potnuru Pavan Kumar at Omarvilli Village, Srikakulam Dist. His father Mr. Ganeswara Rao had identified two needy old women Smt. Neelapu Appanna and Smt. Tara Yerramma both aged around 80 years and none is there to take care of them. They have no hut but their asset is suffering and liability is living.

LAASA stood along with the volunteers and provided food under LAASA 100 Day Food Program to these needy women. If you have a thought to help and feel to share love, the foundation is yours, the bliss is ours. Don’t waste time by waiting. Have your first step with love and compassion. It will lead to the destination.