We start our journey of life right from our birth growing and reaching death. This is a process in this we admire many progresses. Above 99% our aspirations and achievements are physical. The rest 1% is eternal and soul guided. Sometimes we try to follow it. But the circumstances and status of many aspects will not support us to finish those deals of conscience. We listen to the inner voice which is pure and sure, the gentle look of our eyes insists the words to spell in a loving way. The words express the total feeling of our mind. This total episode can be called kindness. This is just half of the helping process. People stay around us stretching weakened hands before us but in many occasions our generosity stops just with words. To fulfill the rest of the help, the time and the wallets may not allow us to move forward.

Yes Dear, one should not stop at this juncture. Any individual who wants to share the pain of others and wipe out the tears with their hands must fulfill their desire to help. LAASA always has its focus on this aspect and provides ability to the volunteers to fulfill their desire to serve.

Our volunteer Mr. P. Govinda Rao had identified an old couple in Srikakulam by name Mr. & Mrs. T. Krishna Murthy. Krishna Murthy who is 72 years old who is working in a grocery shop just for 70/- a day. He has no groceries at his home. His salary is not even adequate for the food. His wife – a patient, needs nearly 40/- medicine a day. This poor couple are struggling to swim their own pool of tears.

LAASA provided food to these old angels under LAASA 100 day program. We cannot make stars blink in the sky or rivers flowing and bird flying. But with a little loving effort, we can make someone live without hunger. Stretching hand is a symbol of inhumane, if that is lost, the in-humaneness is lost.

Love is Swaasa of LAASA. Service is Shyaasa of LAASA