Human life is a combination of series of desires. We don’t hold any control over our desires. We always try to fulfil each desire hoping the next desire to be satisfied in a more grand way.

Holding a silver spoon will show a way to hold a golden spoon. Obviously human mind is always ahead to fulfil its generated desires. An average living status person will always hope for the better and best to come. We always run behind some or other desires. But for a person who is below average in social economic condition cannot even assume for a comfort or luxury as the bread winning and leading the life is the highest of all the desires of them. Here the task of filling belly is so highest and the rest of the desires even cannot be imagined.

Poverty, a powerful word which makes many downtrodden cry to their life for their fate as they do not hold even basic needs such as food and clothing.

We the LAASA firstly strive hard to fulfil the highest desire of a poor person. We supplied the food provision and clothing under the basic needs assistance to the most needy, helpless, old person.

In this scenario, Mrs. P.Subhadramma aged 82 is living with her daughter in a tiny shed. The pathetic condition of this particular old lady had shaken the heart of our volunteer Mrs.V.C.S.Suvarchala. The above said needy was given food, clothing (sarees and blankets) and other necessaries at Muchuvanipeta, Srikakulam dist. with a little desire.

Little desire of LAASA : Even we do hold desires but a little desire of all of them is atleast to fulfil the basic need desire of a poor person who is being neglected and drowning in the deep sea of tears. We hope that this little wish is a collective offering to the god in way of human service.