The modern system of education has raised aspirations to many. The education has become business. The tiny tarts of brilliancy are fading out in this massive attack of commercialization. Knowledge and employment both are connected with a thread of finance where many young poor brilliants are standing in this chaos juncture.

The opportunities are awaiting, the hard work is up to mark, yet there is a lack of even proper food to their bellies. Yes! This is the miserable situation of meritorious and economically backward children. Parents are helpless, their home is wealth less and their fate is hopeless. But even in these most abnormal circumstances, many students are swimming across to achieve something and to prove their knowledge in this current competitive world.

We the LAASA always stand by and support such dedicated students who just spend their time in miserable poverty. We identify that their industry as their property. We want to excavate their ability. Hence, as a representative of our foundation, our volunteer Mr.Dunna Simhachalam has identified an economically backward meritorious student Miss. Bandaru Lakshmi of Baruva Village, Srikakulam dist. appearing for teacher recruitment examination. Her conditions at home are not at all suitable for any kind of preparation. Mother is sick and father is source less to feed and to provide the basic needs.

With care and love, we the LAASA has provided accommodation and food at an appropriate place at Haripuram, Srikakulam dist. and encouraged this student to read well to secure and settle her life.

Problems cannot be taken out fully but can be ignored when there is a proper support of love and care is given to them. We the LAASA are showing the path to needy by carrying a torch of love. Let’s rededicate ourselves to prove our humanity and to notice our divinity