Living on this blue planet is a beautiful experience. The nature around us is so glorious. Many things around us will have a bond and will not allow our desire to quit from this globe. After all human is a moving desire bank and always hope what next.

This is something common. People who take leave from this world because of old age is quiet a general thing but people leading a painful life and feeling the painful death as a boon can be the worse on their fate. These kinds of curse full lives are many. One among such most miserable HIV affected lady and even her two kids are also suffering from this deadly disease were identified at Visakhapatnam by our volunteer Mrs.S.Jagadamba.

Neither we could take out the pain, nr we give the gain. We have just provided nutrition food to a needy HIV affected family under LAASA 100 day food project.

Let our pray may bring peace to such painful lives. Let our deeds may wipeout their tearful eyes. Let our love may provide a bit of comfort in their struggling journeys. We the LAASA always in all ways feel the love to spread the love because there is no exact synonym for this wonderful “love”.