We have many ways to taste to tastes. If we just think a while, about our way of dining, it is quiet surprise that for a few inches of taste of tongue, we eat various varieties of food of various tastes. Today, health hazards occur because of our life style and because of the food we adapt. On the other side, crores of people are wasting food by tasting many dishes at one time. On the other bank, millions of people are stretching their arms in hunger just to fill their belly not for any sort of taste.

Being a true human being, we should all determine our minds to feed these needy people just by reducing our wastage of food. Restaurants, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and many are the platforms of this huge wastage. Let us celebrate any occasion in a purposeful manner at least with a minimum wastage of food.

Oh dear! Do think about this with your heart. We do hope that your valuable contribution will certainly feed a hunger belly but just needed a little bit of your valuable attention. Our volunteer Hemalatha.V had identified a 70 year old lady K.Vardhini Devi struggling hard to lead and feed her life. She has no one to take care of herself and her grandson to get at least both ends meet, Her grandson is working at a restaurant as a cleaning boy besides his schooling at Eluru, West Godavari dist. AP.

We the LAASA always stand in the front line to touch the warmness of the tears of needy. We provided food provision under100 day food and nutrition project to these poor people.

We urge all just don’t fall in fashion of wasting food because, food may be available in various items to many but that food is the highest boon to some needy. Let us discriminate and follow the path of ideology in this world just by implementing a simple mantra that “Food is God, do not waste it”. LAASA wishes you all to follow this value in your life.