Wedding is one of the most important cultures of any land. Human bondage, belongingness, credibility, love and affection….all of these will start at that point of ceremony. The male and the female promise each other to lead lives on mutual support basis bearing the pain and gain equally. Sometimes, in this bondage withdrawal of values will detach the couple and trouble their children. Perhaps, this is the unhappiest scenario of any individual. If this is experienced by a female, that sorrow cannot be defined.

A mother leading a lonely life without any male support and she is the bread winner of that house. She is the only destiny to her two sons. She is feeding her poor family by working as a maid. This is something pathetic.

She was unable to pay the college fee of her son Mr.S.Shankar at Srikakulam Dist., AP. This real story is identified by our volunteer Mrs.M.Seetha Lakshmi and spontaneous support was initiated from the side of our foundation. We the LAASA supported by providing educational assistance to this poor kid.

We are not aware of our life. When we leave this body? and why? and how? The good deeds and selfless helps we render when we are alive were the only asserts we hold forever on our name. Let our last breath feel the contentment and define our life.