We may know the goal but certainly we should know the route to reach. We may know the problem but definitely we should know the solution, we may have a desire, but we should have the courage to walk to fulfil it. Dreaming is priceless but to fulfil the dream we should render a matchless job.

Thorns, stones, rocks, ups and downs everything we have to cross and face. Many of us say that life is a journey but remember that there are several stations to cross and several strange faces to face and several challenges to meet.

One determination, only one determination can take our life to the peaks but needed is self-confidence and self-motto. As individuals, we may all have various goals and roles according to the living conditions of life but the determination is quite common to fulfil any dream. All sweets will taste different but the sugar is common to make it sweet. Likewise, we may set different goals but the hidden determination is one and similar.

Our volunteer Mr.G.Tejeswararao had such determination to feed at least 15 orphan children under the board of Sandeep rural development society at amadalavalasa, Srikakulanm Dist, AP. We the laasa supported his determination and fulfilled his request by providing basic needs such as gas stove, mats, ceiling fan, rice.

Our volunteer Dr.Malathi in memory of her music master’s wife LateMrs.Bandaru Lakshmi Narasamma donated the above necessities with love. We the LAASA just render the job as a bridge between both ends and admires in love to spread the message of love.