When we enter a jewelry shop, we select for the best model but while pricing the shopkeeper takes cost of one gram gold as parameter. In his view, any model is ok. Gold is gold in terms of calculation. In this way, good is good even it is done by you or me. Millions of centers across the globe shower in mercy and compassion on needy. The love in the eyes of sufferers and the impression of us in their hearts may be the true reward and award.

Expectations should not occur in this noble journey of service because they may be the obstacles in reaching our dreams. There is no award bigger than self-satisfaction. There is no word greater than love. With this love and self-satisfaction, many are striving to show the path to orphans and homeless.

LAASA is such light house to show a way towards shore. LAASA’s love is pure…ultra-pure. With this purified thought, LAASA foundation had supported 25 orphan children of AMMA foundation at Srikakulam Dist., AP by providing utensils and pillows through our volunteer Hemanth Rao G. with the donation of Dr.Malathi in memory of her music master’s wife LateMrs.Bandaru Lakshmi Narasamma.

We could be able to provide a little support with the help of our volunteers. The lamp may be little, but the light will definitely be useful. We hope the best to be happened to all the service organizations. Admires from LAASA foundation with motto of Love all and Serve all.