Aspirations make act the life. Life without aspirations is unimaginable. Certainly, we do aspire for the best of our potencies and caliber. Sometimes, minimum aspirations are not able to meet because of the panic turns of life. Each one will hold some or the other aspiration to carry out but that wish will be a dream if any generous heart and hand did not support.

Do think about the surroundings and neighborhood. We should gaze into their smiles and should grasp the depth of their pains. This is what the true meaning of brotherhood of mankind. A kind heart always not only wishes the good for others but also will enquire the true conditions of their life and extent a warm and valuable support. The human bond is not only linked with finance, even sometimes some valuable aspirations of others can be addressed with our own generosity.

In this regard, our volunteer Mr. Dunna Jagadeswara Rao identified his neighbor Mr.B.Rama Rao struggling hard to pay even minimum school fee because of his poverty. Earlier, this father had spent a lot for his son Hari Prasad’s health but now anxiously waiting for some or the other help. In this context, LAASA provided the educational assistance and fulfilled the aspiration of a father and a son. LAASA doesn’t know who they are and what they are but we know the pain and we know that what we gain by helping. LAASA gained a real joy by wiping out tears of a few needy.