Life, the word itself holds the word if in it. This if-conditional clause is applicable to the life of any individual. The reasons are neither predicted nor analyzed because the lessons taught by the time cannot be understood. We just name this status as fate. Sometimes for some individuals even the time curses and throws the mind and thought into the painful garbage. We do not know why the sin is pinning on but certainly being human, we should possess humanity towards the people who crave for real help.

The help we render will certainly provide them a bit of comfort. God has given us an opportunity by allowing us to help the needy. In fact, that god is present in that particular needy. We offer many things to god but the real offering to god is to extent love to a needy.

We, the LAASA believe in this philosophy and provided medical assistance to a bone cancer patient Mr.Y.Nagaraju at Dharmavarm Village, Srikakulam Dist. by our volunteer Mr.M.Rajeswararao. Oh dear! Do motivate your near and dear with the philosophy of love and service which is a dire need in this current era. Do guide and serve your fellow beings with your love. Love is powerful than any medicine, sharper than any weapon, beautiful than anything in this world. Love is unique. Yes, love is unique.