Our brains are loaded with knowledge, hands full of gadgets, talks full of fun and life a speedy run. As the life is bearing skills, we are able to lead a healthy and a meaningful life. As close to our heart we know what we are doing and what we will be doing but have we ever we thought of a transforming point of spirituality?

Yes, we do know we are not the permanent residents on this globe. One day or other we have to leave this hotel of universe. The last breath is the real answer to the entire cushion of life. The last breath must admire you for a pure thought, merciful word, and for selfless deed. Yes, one day or the other we must inculcate this noble and divine philosophy within us and start transforming in way of inward journey. LAASA wishes such transformation among its family members. This can be started by adopting good selfless deeds. Our volunteer R.Bharathi and team had identified a needy to render a selfless deed of service at K.Kotapadu village, Visakhapatnam Dist. A 70 year old lady by name Achiyamma has been provided food and medicine under LAASA 100 day food project. We wish no mother should shed a tear and feel fear for their status of living. We always stand like true sons and daughters and possess our love equally on all for we establish the philosophy of Love All and Serve All.